There are better EUC solutions.

We live in a world where EUC solutions have dramatically changed and we bet that your existing solutions are getting expensive.  

There are now rock solid alternatives you should know about that are changing the game in end user computing.

Don't just renew Citrix or VMware without learning more.

We know you spent years of work learning, planning, implementing and maintaining your current solution.  And it was a fine choice back then, but now there are newer options that are simple to make the switch to and will save you on budget that your users will love.

Grab 30 mins with us

You owe it to yourself to at least hear about how end user computing solutions have dramatically changed over the last year.  

Grab a time with us to chat about what’s new and how we can help you make the right decisions for your users.

What we do

Analyse your current use

Our team has decades of experience analysing (and inventing) EUC solutions.  Our first step is to build out an analysis of your requirements.

Recommend your options

Our recommendation report details all of the pros, cons and costing so you can clearly see why it’s time to start thinking differently about EUC.

Plan the switch

We build out a full project plan which covers everything from applications, desktop storage, cloud services, training and migration.

Make it happen

In no time, we will migrate your users to your brand new, secure cloud native EUC solution, saving your budget while delighting your investors and board.

Meet the EUC experts behind your success

You know why you should trust the team at EUC advisor?  We have spent a life of working for and consulting the big EUC vendors out there.

Fun fact: we have 6 EUC related patents to our name.

Luke Silcock


Andrew Borzycki


Why EUC Advisor?

EUC Advisor is owned and operated by Thought Source Consulting.  We have decades of experience analysing enterprise EUC deployments and working directly for the traditional big names in the industry.

We recognize that the industry is shifting and there are so many excellent, more modern and cost effective EUC solutions out there, we want to help you deploy the future of end user computing solutions.

Send us a message and we will be delighted to help you

Our team cant wait to help you learn about the next wave of end user computing solutions that are out there being deployed by some of the world’s biggest companies.

The least you can do is ask the question before you just renew your existing EUC solutions.

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success